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                Have You Listened to the NBA Live 18 Soundtrack Yet?

NBA Live 18 comes with more than 25 carefully selected songs. Together with the gameplay, the soundtrack creates an authentic basketball atmosphere. The soundtrack was made available before the game was released. Players had more than a month to get themselves familiar with the track list. It's really easy to listen to the game's soundtrack. All tracks have been compiled into a list that is available on Spotify. Anyone with a Spotify profile has access to the soundtrack for free. The trouble is that Spotify is not available worldwide but this doesn't mean that residents of those countries cannot have a glimpse of the game's tracks. Well-known YouTubers have previewed the soundtrack on their channels so everyone can sample the soundtrack. The entire list of songs is found on the NBA Live 18 official website. Players that are interested in the songs can look them up on YouTube or a dedicated music website. 

These are some of the most popular NBA Live 18 in game tracks. Kid Cudi featuring Pharrel “Surfing” is the track that best represents the game. This is especially selected to draw attention from new players and to get long time franchise veterans all hyped up. The song works great with the new features and modes. But it's not just the gameplay that is innovative. Players will be able to listen to some of the most popular new-school hip-hop songs. 

The soundtrack features Playboi Carti with Lil Uzi Vert and other well-known hip-hoppers. “Ring the Alarm” performed by Joey Bad4$$ featuring Kirk Knight, Nyck Caution, and Meechy Darko is the perfect tune to work on the Ultimate Team squads. “Pounds” by Tunji Ige, “Rings” by Kap G, “Rolex” by Ayo and Teo, “Real Ting” by Stefflon Don are other popular game tracks. The entire list can be found on Spotify so fans can take the soundtrack of their favorite basketball game with them wherever they go. So, besides this game which games do you play? If you plays on Steam, there are many interesting games waiting for you. Steam Wallet Code will let you download these games and have more fun with friends.